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About Free ki Shopping

FreekiShopping aims at aggregating all the best deals available online and serve it to its readers free of cost. Today, the world has become Tech savvy and in the world of rush hour- people find it difficult to go to the market and bargain themselves good deals, and so brands have started targeting their customers online. But online E-commerce being such a wide market, and with many new shopping websites online, customers find it difficult to find the best deals and also sometimes get trapped of online scams and loose their money. Freekishopping team strives hard to aggregate the best deals available online and also authenticates the website and genuinity of the product before the deals are placed on its homepage.

Online shopping has become the emerging trend in India, but many online shoppers restrict themselves from it, because they are not aware about the genuinity of the website. To safeguard such shoppers, Freekishopping always checks and verifies the genuinity of the website from where the deals are published.

Other than sharing the best lowest deals on its homepage, Freekishopping also hosts a Coupon code store, where coupons from different merchants are updated daily. It daily receive coupons from different merchants and the team updates them to the coupon store as soon as they arrive to it. Some merchants share their coupons directly to the coupon store via the Share Coupon Feature.

Freekishopping.com shares 1500+ active coupons of more than 300+ stores. The coupon are checked on daily basis, about their expiry and then new coupons are updated accordingly. Freekishopping deals with 100’s of merchants online to get its readers the best deals and discounted coupons online.

Some times there are price slashes for products upto 90% or more while the some products are available less than its MRP on other store. Freekishopping alerts buyers to buy the discounted product available online. With the help of discount coupons available at Coupon code store, buyer can buy the product at more discounts then actual available price. Many people are not aware of such discount coupons.

Many brands offer free sample products to public as a part of their promotional campaign. Freekishopping team tracks these entire products and makes it available to its readers. We have active readers via Email subscription, Facebook and Twitter. Also active support forum via Facebook, Twitter and Emails.

Freekishopping is the ultimate destination for all shopaholics online. The team gathers all the latest lowest/hot deals online and after verifying the genuinity of the product and the website, the deal is published on its website.

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