Buy Eveready Emergency Digi LED Lantern at Rs.350

The new Eveready digiLED Lantern is all that these three words convey and more. These lanterns bring to you the convenience of keeping your home lit up even when theres a power cut. Alternatively, the digiLED lanterns can be a welcome device for all those who have no access to power and need other sources of light to go about their day-to-day activities. With its digiLED technology, unlike a kerosene lamp or candle, the Eveready Lantern gives bright, continuous and unflickering light from long lasting LEDs. All this at the same running cost per hour, as that of a kerosene lamp or candle. It illuminates a wide area and is ideal for activities like studying, cooking and other in-house work making it a true Light for our Home

Buy: Eveready Emergency Digi LED Lantern at Rs.350/- from the offer page.

Eveready Emergency Digi LED Lantern

Product Details:

  • Body Type: Plastic
  • Bulb: Led bulbs
  • Run Time: 90 hrs
  • Battery Type: 3-D

This branded Eveready Emergency Digi LED Lantern is very convenient in use and made of high quality.

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