Get Heavy Discount on Food this Festive Season with, a recent emerged into e-commerce sites, is splattering its popularity simultaneously from Delhi, NCR Mumbai and Ahmadabad regions to other prime destinations of India, limiting its focus only on Online discounts on Food deals.

According to the statistics collected, its popularity could be gauged by its increasing ratio of visitors since the inception of this site. Khaugalideals site represents diverse and decent merge of inviting deals from varied Restaurants, Ice Cream Parlor, Coffee shops, Hookah points and Bars at Delhi-NCR, Mumbai and Ahmadabad regions. As verified by its embodied selection, the deals catered are believed to be based on vetted selection pertaining to quality and ambience of the outlet particularly.

“The site is to promote young leads of the generations to enjoy their regular dine-outs in pocket friendly expenses encircling their ease, comfort and choice of outlet”, says Kartik Saboo, the founder of this concept.

This is to go with the latest drive of food habits where trend is celebrate more outside, treating varied delicacies of food. But here the idea is just to cut the heavy expenses of bill into bit of expenses retaining the enthusiasm and essence of celebrations as it is further saving upon expenses, adds Kartik Saboo.

Now with the emergence of plenty of e-commerce sites, it becomes extremely difficult for the user to define their pick and in such circumstance what makes the user drive towards khaugalideals? “Honest outplay for delivery of our services, simple and quick procedure to register and purchase; along with the exciting lucrative offers placed often like special one day restaurant deals, week end deals, festive deals, group deals, hotel deals, corporate discount deals and lot more” concludes khaugalideals.

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