Mobile Phone Stand Holder at Rs.135

Buy Mobile Phone Stand Holder for your car at just Rs. 135/- Callone Mobile Phone Stand Holder is compatible with any mobile phone, MP4, PDA, or GPS System. It is a 360 Degree Rotating Holder that has a cu-pule with fast release button. It is reliable and easy to use. It comes with a photo frame too. It also has a flexible pedestal shaft that can be adjusted quickly. There is a lock mob that holds the holder firmly.

You can firmly place your mobile or GPS on this mobile stand and talk on speaker phone while driving.
This product comes with 30 Days Replacement.

Buy here: Mobile Phone Stand Holder

Mobile Phone Stand Holder

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  1. Edy says:

    What a good idea to make a scrapbook page out of. I’m sure we all have some ofttius or fashion trends we would NEVER get caught wearing again!

  2. Keylon says:

    I'm loving that instant view thing on google. I think some young dude did it first and proposed it to microsoft and they pushed him away. they are rertntgieg it now.

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