Venus 8-10L Air Cooler 50% off @ Rs 2750/-

Buy this Venus Air cooler at discounted price. water tank capacity of 8-10 litres, high gloss ABS body, and water level indicator are some of the highlights of this product. Get this home and let cool air fill your living space. Limited period offer with limited availability of stock, buy this cooler before the stock is sold out.

How to buy this Air cooler:

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  1. Judith says:

    The dingoo is a … The dingoo is a great device but seems to be at the end of its run. The scene is still strong and I’m sure will always be but the company is no longer making them. The CAANOO is a great device I use it all the time and the emulation is on par or better than the DINGOO in a lot of cases. Although we need to have FBA and a newer less buggy version of MAME still I prefer it over the WIZ as well. Do1#&82n7;t be put off by the joystick. After using it for about an hour you will love it! Was this answer helpful?

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